If you would like to nominate someone for a County Award, please submit an application using the form below, and invite appropriate people to provide letters of support. Awards must be applied for within 6 months of the nominee relinquishing or retiring from her Guiding appointment.


1. The County Star of Courage Award

Awarded where a child or adult member has shown:

a) initiative and devotion to duty (without risk to her own life) or

b) courage and fortitude, often under suffering.

With letters of support from the Unit Leader and District or Division Commissioner.

2. The County of Somerset Standard Badge

Awarded as a ‘thank you’ for good service to Guiding in the County.

With two letters of support.

3. The County of Somerset Good Service Certificate

Awarded to any Guider, Trefoil Guild Member or Appointment Card Holder for Good Service to Guiding in her own Unit, District or Division.

With two letters of support.

4. The Good Service Brooch

Awarded to any Guider or Appointment Card Holder for Good Service to the County outside her own Unit or within her speciality.

With three letters of support.

5. The County of Somerset Silver Award

Awarded for exceptional service to Guiding within the County.

With a minimum of five letters of support.

Nomination Form:

Letters of Support

Once you have submitted the application, please invite appropriate people to provide letters of support.

Region & National Awards

You may like to consider nominating the individual for a region award, or look at other ways to give thanks and recognition.

Young members may also be nominated for the national award, the Guiding Star. Adult members may be nominated for the national Laurel Award or Silver Fish.

Nominate someone for the Girlguiding Hero award.