A Day at Somermead

What will a typical activity day involve?

Here are our ideas!


Our youngest members (age 5-7) could enjoy:


Girls aged 7-10 can enjoy:


An activity for our 10-14 year old members could involve:

I’m really looking forward to …

Name, Role (e.g. Guide)


Our 14-18 year old members will enjoy time away from their screens. If there’s such a thing as a ‘typical’ day for a Ranger, it might involve:


Of course, Somermead isn’t just enjoyed by young members. Adults will enjoy relaxing in the fresh air here too.

We’re looking forward to welcoming members of our Girlguiding Inspire community (young women aged 18-30), Girlguiding members and those from the Trefoil Guild.

The site provides a great location for training, and and enjoy each others company in the outdoors.

What next?

Find out more about Somermead.