A Day at Somermead

What can we do at Somermead?

We’ve put together a selection of ready-to-go activities for you.

All Ages

Photo of S'mores (camp bread on a stick)

Toasted marshmallows, orange cakes, s’mores, banana boats, popcorn and marshmallow strawberries. All your favourite camp snacks!

Photo of wildflowers and grass at Somermead campsite and activity centre

Toasted marshmallows, orange cakes, s’mores, banana boats, popcorn and marshmallow strawberries. All your favourite camp snacks!

Image of a twig star

Make a beautiful twig star with materials found on site. Bring string from home, and decorate with glitter and glue if you wish!

Photo of a leaf rubbing

Leaf rubbing is the perfect way to take home a memory of Somermead!

Photo of Hapa Zome (Japanese) flower printing

Everyone can enjoy ‘Hapa Zome’ beautiful printing with flowers.

Our ‘Wild Tales’ activity is a great way to encourage girls and young women to enjoy the outdoors and let their imagination run wild.

This simple craft is a favourite with with all ages: creating a ‘God’s Eye’ is a meditative process which our young members enjoy all the more outdoors.

Guide Leaders: Take the programme outdoors this summer!

A great place for those experiences that Guides love, with the use of hard shelters and ready made fireplace areas to make life easier.

Ideal for those games and activities that need space and perfect for learning fire lighting, cooking outdoors and survival skills.

Slightly wet or messy activities – better here than in your meeting place.

Enjoy a campfire at the end of your meeting, not forgetting the marshmallows for toasting.

Check out these programme activities and clock up your minutes while having fun

Unit Meeting Activities:

  • Warm in the wild (Adventure theme – Survival skills)
  • The two match challenge (Know myself – Guiding traditions)
  • Cosmic calculations (Adventure – Out of this world)
  • High flyers (Be well – Get sporty)
  • Burning ball (Be well – Get sporty)
  • Touchdown (Be well – Get sporty)
  • Thirsty work (Adventure – Survival skills)
  • Animal athletes (Adventure – Exploring nature)
  • Save your tail (Be well – Personal safety)
  • Help! (Adventure – Survival skills)
  • Treasure hunters (Know myself – Guiding traditions)
  • Biodiversity blitz (Adventure – Exploring nature)

Skills builders

  • Campfire playlist (Camp stage 4)
  • Fireside feast (Camp stage 4)
  • Rule changer (Lead stage 4)

I’m really looking forward to toasting marshmallows with my patrol at Somermead this year!

Ellie, Guide


Of course, Somermead isn’t just enjoyed by young members. Adults will enjoy relaxing in the fresh air here too.

We’re looking forward to welcoming members of our Girlguiding Inspire community (young women aged 18-30), Girlguiding members and those from the Trefoil Guild.

The site provides a great location for training, and and enjoy each others company in the outdoors.

What next?

Find out more about Somermead.