Our team are on hand to help you manage your unit finances. Contact or complete the contact form below.

End of Year Reviews

The end of year review form provides an easy-to-use checklist for your independent reviewer. Remember to update the Financial Information under Unit Details on Go when your independent check has been completed with the date your accounts were last independently reviewed.

Grants and Fundraising

Do your members or your unit need financial support for guiding activities? Our team can help you identify and apply for grants and funding.

Girlguiding grants:

Local Girlguiding grants include:

Other organisations:

Funding while you shop:

Gift Aid

Discover how Gift Aid could raise more money for your unit – at no cost to your supporters. Visit the Girlguiding Gift Aid page and download the information pack, then take a look at the videos created by one our volunteers.

County Finance

Here you’ll find details of the constitution of Girlguiding Somerset, and our expenses application form.

Please contact the county team with any further enquiries: