@girlguidingsomerset.org.uk emails coming soon

Better communication … less paperwork … more time for you and the girls

In an organisation as busy and diverse as ours, and when you’re busy delivering guiding in the county, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of who can help you with what.

When we set up our new website, we thought it would be good to get some Girlguiding Somerset email addresses too. We registered with Google Nonprofits, and have applied for and been given access to G Suite (previously known as Google Apps) free-of-charge.

What does G Suite mean for me?

It’ll be easier for volunteers in the county to get in touch with the right commissioner, adviser or coordinator. No more trying to remember if it’s Jill or Jane who is the current adviser. You’ll find our Contacts Directory gives you all the addresses you need.

Google have shared 10 ideas for non-profits. We think G Suite will help us:

  • make it easier to change roles (no more receiving emails months later) or take a break from your role (for instance, if you find you need time away to deal with a family crisis or illness, we can temporarily re-direct your email to another user),
  • make it easier to find the right person to contact using an online directory,
  • give us the option to have a video call or online training (using Google Hangouts)
  • enable us to build on the good work our predecessors have done (for instance, an activity provider contacts the OAA about some new workshops their running, and the new adviser doesn’t miss the email)
  • share files such as meeting agendas or event budgets (using Google Drive), knowing that everyone can see the same document
  • get feedback on events plans or gather ideas (using Google Forms)
  • give everyone access to powerful wordprocesssing, spreadsheet and presentation software … for free!

Best of all … remember the excitement of taking on a new role, then the current holder brings over a car boot full of paperwork? With G Suite, the paperwork burden of volunteering will be reduced, and you’ll be able to access any relevant documents online, whether that’s using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Do I need to download something, or special software?


It’a good idea to use a modern, up-to-date browser, but you can use G Suite on any kind of device including Windows PCs and Macs, and mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and using a browser on Blackberry and Windows Phones.

How do I get started?

If you’re familiar with Gmail or G Suite, simply follow the login instructions on the email you’ve received.

If you’d like a step-by-step guide, you’ll find Google’s Quick Start Guide gets you up-and-running in no time.


Why not download and print the Gmail or Hangouts cheat sheets to keep you on track?

Will it work on my mobile?

Yes. If you’d like to access G Suite on your mobile, the G Suite Learning Center has step-by step instructions. If you already have another Google account running on your mobile, for example, for personal or work emails, that’s fine. You can have multiple accounts.

Can I get help?

Yes, you certainly can!

If you’d like to arrange a one-to-one, please complete this form, and we’ll arrange for someone to contact you to provide support.

I haven’t received my email address

We have a big county team, and only a few volunteers on this project, so we’ll be rolling out new email addresses between Thinking Day and Easter. If you haven’t heard from us within that time, or are just super-keen please contact us. (If you can help with the roll-out, please get in touch sooner!).