Jubilee Challenge Activities

We’ve put this page together to inspire your Division Jubilee Celebrations.

Questions? Please email geraldineoloughlin@girlguidingsomerset.org.uk.


Activity ideas are organised in three main categories:

We’ve also included activities to link to the programme for:

Several of the activities include detailed instructions or templates. The following are included on this page:

These appendices are mentioned in the ideas below and contained in separate files. They’re included here for quick reference:

Just for Fun

  • Decorate the Bunting and hang it in your meeting hall or at a local old people’s home or similar
  • Colour a poster to put in the window at home or at Brownies or similar, see colouring templates in appendices or design your own
  • Design and send a card to the Queen (one per Division?)
    Here’s the address to send your card to:
    Her Majesty The Queen
    Buckingham Palace
    London SW1A 1AA
    Why not include a return address and see if you get a reply?
  • Complete the Royal Word Search
  • Guides and Rangers – learn how to tie a tie – the classic Windsor knot – and/or others!
  • Or using Macrame you could try Chinese Crown Knots – Guides and Rangers again, or a lanyard using Crown Sinnets
  • Follow a Princess trail – or a crown trail see example in separate appendix Princess trail
  • Girls with longer hair, do crown braids where the plait is up over the top of your head
  • Create a new sandwich filling (inspiration from Coronation Chicken)
  • Create the best after dinner mints/chocolates – Bendicks (Mayfair) Ltd have a Royal Warrant from the Queen for their after dinner mints, but who can produce the best ones in a blind tasting?  (Could be done in small groups and then the leaders taste and rate them)
  • What about creating a set of Royal Family scarecrows (that perhaps could then be displayed somewhere for the Jubilee weekend)?
  • Use the paper dolls in the Appendix and dress the Queen – or a Princess
  • Make your own Sock Hobby Horse (and then have some horse races maybe!)
  • Could you do something with Jumping Clay maybe – create a model of the Queen or one of the Corgis
  • The various parts of a castle are listed in an Appendix, how many can you learn and remember?
  • How many words can your Division make from the phrase Girlguiding Somerset Platinum Jubilee Celebration Day? Who will be the Division with the best wordsters?! Send your list of words to Geraldine who can then let the rest of the county know which Division did the best.
  • Can you do the Royal Quiz? More for Rangers / Adults.
  • Complete this Wordsearch.
  • Use tinfoil to make a horse, corgi, crown, Queen … whose is most realistic, whose can stand up?
  • Sing God Save the Queen and sign it too – see Appendix
  • Dance along with Dancing Queen by Abba
  • Sing The Princess Pat Campfire Songs: The Princess Pat – YouTube


  • Picture bingo using chocolate buttons instead of bingo pens (put button over picture once matched) see Items, Pictures and Bingo Boards
    Pictures of coin; stamp; picture of queen as guide; ER post box; crown; cloak; sceptre; tiara; necklace; throne; horse; corgi; carriage; Buckingham Palace; Queen in a hat; Queen with sash; Queen with grandchildren; Queens Guide badge
  • Take on the 70 in 70 challenge. What can you do 70 of in 70 seconds? How about in 70 minutes? Can you hop, skip or jump 70 times in 70 seconds? 
  • Play some traditional party games to celebrate. Our favourite is musical chairs, how about you? 
  • Let it snow – Brownie UMA see Brownie section – will work for other sections
  • Game! Go on a royal treasure hunt. Oh no! The crowns jewels have gone missing right before the Queen needs to attend an important event! Can you help track them down in time before the ceremony begins? See appendix
  • Have a game of croquet, also known as the ‘Queen of Games’.
  • Test your strategy and have a game of chess. A classic game including the King and Queen playing pieces
  • Try some ‘Minute to Win It’ games but give yourself 70 seconds instead of 60. See Appendix
  • Play a game of tag with the person who is ‘on it’ wearing a crown
  • Fishes in the sea becomes Royals in the Palace. The girls sit in a circle of chairs, facing outwards. Depending on the size of the group you pick 3 or 4 sub- groups – any of Queens, Kings, Princes, Princesses, Duke, Duchess, Earl, Countess, Lord, Lady. You go round the circle giving each girl the name of subgroup with a hopefully even spilt between the group. So for 16 girls you can use the first four names, girl 1, 5,9 and 13 will have the same subgroup name. You then call each out and when theirs is called they run clockwise round the circle. If you shout the Queen is waving, they change direction and they run the other way. If you say the queen is riding, then the girls mime horse-riding and make horse sounds.  If you say the queen is walking her dog, they mime dog walking. If you shout the Queen is retiring to her bed, they sit back down but cannot turn they must stay running whatever way they are running. Last one to sit down is out and they turn their chair round.
  • Another game similar to rats and rabbits. Name each side of the room something royal themed. Having opposite ends something similar sounding. Crowns and corgis, princesses, and Princes. Girls start off in the middle and they must run towards what they say
  • Queen has a headache (aka keys), one girl the Queen– blindfolded (see template), sat in the middle on a chair with a set of keys behind it. The other girls sat around her in a circle on the floor. Leader silently picks a girl to be it, she must creep at around the circle back to her space then in behind the Queen to retrieve the keys without being heard by the Queen. If the Queen hears ‘it’ she must point in her direction and shout bang! She must shoot in the same direction as ‘It’ to get ‘it’ out.
  • Princess in the tower. Split into groups of at least 4. One Princess, one guard and 2 Ladies-in-Waiting. The Princess is tied to a chair using skipping ropes by both arms and legs. A guard from another group guards her wearing a blindfold (see template). The princess faces her team with the guard stood behind her, facing the team but not able to see owing to the Blindfold. The lady’s in waiting are at base some distance from the Princess. They need to creep up one at a time and undo one of the ropes. Once done they return to base and the next lady goes to undo one rope. If the Guard hears them coming they shoot at them and if pointing in right direction the lady is dead! When all ropes are undone the Princess can return to base!

Game! – Send messages to help your teammates draw a map using bunting:

DID YOU KNOW? Bunting probably originated in the navy, where they would use strings of small, colourful flags to send messages to other ships or people watching from the shore.

Use bunting to play a game sending messages across your meeting space. Can your team draw the most accurate map?

Split your unit into at least two teams, with half of each team at each end of your meeting space. The players at one end of your space will be asking questions in order to draw a map, and the ones at the other end will be looking at the map to answer them. You can use the example in the appendix or adapt it to your unit. Set a time limit that you think will challenge your players and keep them competitive without being impossible – maybe 15 minutes.

Players are only allowed to talk to teammates at the same end of the space as them. Players asking the questions should hold up the relevant sequence of flags. They can ask whichever question they want – it doesn’t have to be in any order. Players with the answers need to decode the question, find the answer on the map, and signal it back. Players asking the questions then need to decode the answer and draw it in the right place on their blank map.

Equipment needed:

  • Flags – each team will need two sets of 2x red, 2x blue, 2x green and 2x yellow flags
  • Question/answer key – each team will need two sets of the question/answer key (see appendix). Remember that the questions and answers don’t match up just because they’re in the same row!
  • Map – each team needs one copy of the completed map (see appendix, or design your own – you could even get the players to improvise them, if you want)
  • Blank map – each team needs one blank map to draw their answers on. If you want to give the players more of a challenge and have the time, you could add bunting codes and questions so that they have to work out the shape of the island as well and start from a completely blank piece of paper.
  • Pens/pencils – each team needs at least one pen/pencil


  • Make a crown see templates in Appendix
  • Make a cloak see pictures for suggestions of adornments in this Appendix
  • Make a hammer bead crown coaster or key ring:
  • Make the Queen’s favourite cake, Chocolate Biscuit Cake
  • Make your own crown jewels – bracelets, necklace, earrings possibly even a tiara!!
  • Make origami swans.  Technically, the Queen owns all the swans in England and Wales. The reason why is because historically, swan was seen as a very fancy dish – so fancy, you could only keep swans with the king’s or queen’s permission.
  • Make a Victoria sandwich (if there is an oven)
  • Design/create a hat/fascinator for the queen to wear to Ascot
  • Lace making
  • Make flags and have your own proms, see separate Appendix for Union Jack colour in flag
  • Use the templates in the Appendix to make dress up paper dolls
  • Make a Union Jack Fortune Teller

Wearing the crowns and cloaks please take a picture of your Division for the website (you can take from behind to see the cloaks better and not see the girls faces). Perhaps you can put in the Local Press as well for publicity?

The Queen is our Leader. As Leader she supports the community and helps to protect the environment the following UMAs and Skills Builders are about Leadership, Community or the environment, or anything else that can be tied into the Queen’s role. If you can think of another one that can be adapted – please share.

Challenges to also meet the programme


  • UMA Hobby-tastic (magazine) Express myself tie this in to the Queen theme by using one of her hobbies – horseriding
  • UMA Chattering teeth (magazine) Know myself tie this in to the Queen theme by explaining the Queen needs to be careful that she doesn’t have food stuck between her teeth and that she can give a lovely smile
  • Skills Builder Make change – Growing Cups of kindness – get a local charity such as age UK come and collect on May 14th to give to local people who could do with some friendship. This ties in to our theme as our Promise is about the queen and community.
  • Skills Builder Camp Tent-tastic – this challenge is about making dens – or palaces!! Your problem may be what you can take to use – sheets curtains etc.
  • Skills Builder Lead Leadersheep – the Queen is our leader


  • Brownie UMA called let it snow but it’s just a glorified beetle game.
    So we swap the snowman for a queen, throw a 6 to start, then need a 5 for a crown, 4 handbag, 3 diamonds for necklace, 2 gloves ( you will need two 2’s for the pair) and finally 1 for a mace (or similar for each number).
    The UMA becomes a Queen activity and the objective of being outside, being active and being part of a team can still be met
  • Brownie Hole in one UMA – change to making ‘hobby’ horses and jumps (see just for fun re Hobby horses)
  • Brownie chocolate heist UMA instead of stealing chocolate steal crown jewels – see appendix within this file for updated ‘story’
  • Skills builder Picture perfect Communicate (this is about making a visual timetable of your day. In small groups get the girls to do this for the Queen, what do they think her day entails?! When complete discuss as a unit – were they all thinking the same?)
  • Skills builder I know my values Lead
  • Skills builder Super girl Feel Good
  • Skills builder Fly your flag Reflect (see separate appendix for shield template, sorry a shield makes more sense to me)
  • UMA Century time travel Guiding traditions
  • UMA Lend a hand Guiding Traditions
  • UMA Transforming travel Time travellers
  • UMA (magazine) Thank you, merci, takk! Skills for my future
  • UMA Coin Hunt (the queen is on the coins!) Money
  • UMA Trash fashion Community action
  • UMA One good turn leads to another Community action
  • UMA Bottle mansions Exploring nature
  • UMA Hole in one – make the hobby horses and jumps to achieve the same


  • UMA Treasure hunters Guiding Traditions
  • UMA Help Survival skills
  • UMA Citrus feeder Exploring nature
  • UMA Global goalie Save the planet
  • UMA K is for kindness Community action
  • UMA Savvy Shopper – planning party food? (pink 60 mins)
  • UMA Chain-ging Times – time travellers Know myself 
  • UMA Aeroplane answers (magazine) Know myself you need to include the question what gift would you give the Queen!
  • UMA Twist that dish (magazine) Skills for my future
  • Skills Builder Show it Off Lead
  • Role Up! (SB3 ) Live Smart
  • A Work of Art (dark pink 45 mins)


  • UMA Fact or fiction Storytelling
  • UMA Printing pro 3D craft and design
  • UMA Legend of 1,000 cranes (see swan in makes) 3D craft and design
  • UMA Balancing act Money
  • UMA (magazine) Ranger-topia Know myself
  • UMA (magazine) Think and thank Take action
  • UMA Good vibes only Better together
  • UMA Creative communities Community action
  • UMA Land art Exploring nature
  • Skills Builder Flameless food Live smart
  • Skills Builder Leave only footprints Explore


70 secs to win it games suggestions

Cup game Start with 15 cups in a single stack and see how fast you can build a pyramid with the 15 cups. For an additional challenge, disassemble it to create a single stack or see how many times you can assemble and disassemble the stack in 70 seconds.

Sweets and chopsticks move sweets from one bowl to another using chopsticks

Suck up the skittles move skittles from one bowl to another using a straw!

Cookie face Players lean their heads back and place a cookie on their forehead. You must move the cookie to your mouth and take a bite without using your hands.

Ear nose and pinch See how many times you can alternate holding your nose with your right hand and your ear with your left, then swapping and holding your nose with your left hand and your ear with your tight. Be sure to clap your hands between each swap over.

Tower test Get the girls to build the highest tower they can in 70 seconds, using paper plates and cups. For beginners, let them build however they like, but for older girls, put in additional rules such as there must be two cups between each plate.

Three balloons keep em up How long can you keep three balloons in the air? Play with both hands for younger girls, and for older girls, hold one arm behind their back. You can make it more difficult by adding rules such as “you can’t let the balloons touch the wall or the ceiling.”If you want to play as a team, have people move from one point to another.

Feather keepie uppie Each player throws a feather in the air and must stop it from touching the floor without using their hands—the person who keeps their feather up for the longest wins.

Bangle run Place some bangles on a glass/cup and put it on the table with another glass/cup and a wooden spoon balanced on top of the glasses — transfer bangles from one to the other without knocking the spoon off the glasses. You can play this as a team game by having players move one bangle and then hand it over to the next player.

Cheerio Bracelet You have one minute to lace as many cheerios or fruit loops onto a pipe cleaner, put it on your wrist, and turn it into a bracelet. Oh, and you must do it all one-handed.

Tall ball drop Place a cup on the floor and have the plater stand on a chair. Drop the ball so that it lands in the cup, which is way harder than it sounds.

Separation Anxiety Fill a plastic cup with sweets, or other items, of different colours. Players have 70 seconds to sort as many items as they can into groups of the same thing. After 70 seconds, the number of items you sorted is your score, or you hand your cup to the next person.

Marshmallow toss Fill a plastic cup with sweets, or other items, of different colours. Players have one minute to sort as many items as they can into groups of the same thing. After one minute, the number of items you sorted is your score, or you hand your cup to the next person.

How many Royal facts can they list in 70 seconds

How many maltesers can they fit in their mouth in 70 seconds

In a group solve 70 math questions in 70 seconds

In a group write down 70 royal words in 70 seconds

Sending messages using bunting

Example question and answer key:

Where are the mountains?Red blue redThere is/are noneRed red green
Where is the river?Blue red greenIn the northYellow blue green
Where is the forest?Green red blueIn the southBlue green red
Where is the lake?Blue red redIn the eastGreen red yellow
Where are the bears?Red green blueIn the westRed yellow yellow
Where is the quicksand?Yellow green yellowIn the north-eastRed red blue
Where is the whirlpool?Green green redIn the south-eastGreen blue red
Where is it safe to anchor the ship?Blue yellow redIn the north-westBlue blue yellow
Where is the treasure?Yellow red blueIn the south-westBlue green yellow
Where is the watchtower?Yellow yellow redIn the centreGreen green blue

Example map:

A picture containing diagram

Description automatically generated

Blank map:

A picture containing night sky

Description automatically generated

Victoria Sponge recipe

Makes enough for 10 slices – 20 mins cooking time, plus cooling before assembly

For the cake: 200g self-raising flour – 200g caster sugar – 200g butter (or margarine) – 4 eggs (beaten) – 2 tbsp milk

For the filling: strawberry jam – 100g butter – 140g icing sugar

  • Preheat the oven to GM5/190C
  • Grease and line two 20cm baking tins with greaseproof paper (alternatively, you can use one deeper tin and cut the cake in half when it is cooled)
  • Combine all the ingredients until you have a soft, smooth batter
  • Divide the mixture between the two tins
  • Bake for 20 minutes until golden and the cake springs back when lightly pressed, or a skewer emerges clean
  • Turn out onto a cooling rack and leave until completely cool
  • Spread a layer of strawberry jam on one cake
  • Combine the butter and icing sugar and beat until smooth and creamy
  • Spread the buttercream on top of the jam
  • Put the second cake on top of the filling
  • Dust with extra icing sugar

Chocolate Biscuit Cake recipe

Makes 12 slices

Ingredients: 225g rich tea biscuits – 115g unsalted butter (or margarine) – 115g golden granulated sugar – 115g + 225g dark chocolate


  • Grease a 15cm cake tin (if not a loose-bottomed tin, also line it with greaseproof paper)
  • Break the biscuits into small chunks
  • Cream the butter and sugar
  • Melt 115g dark chocolate, then pour it over the butter and sugar and mix well
  • Add the biscuit pieces and mix well. If the mixture is too thick, add up to 2 tbsp warm water to loosen it
  • Press the mixture into the cake tin
  • Chill for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better)
  • When the cake is firm, turn out of the tin
  • Melt the 225g dark chocolate and pour over the cake to coat it entirely
  • Allow the chocolate coating to set at room temperature

Princess cards

I made mine using Disney Princess Magazines (see this Appendix) as this is what I had at the time, but you can download pictures from the internet or similar.

I stuck my pictures on various coloured pieces of card as that is what I had available, but you can use this to make a more complicated trail if you tell some girls they can only collect pink cards and other girls green etc. Or if you have different Princesses like I have, only collect Aurora or snow White etc. Who can collect the most cards?

Have 4 ‘hiding’ the cards, the rest playing then swap the hiders. By hiding I just mean on a window ledge or on top of a low wall – nothing too difficult!

Go on a royal treasure hunt 

In the Separate appendixes there is a crown template for stolen jewels. Give one copy to each six/group. Tell them the missing jewels are

  • 2 Emeralds
  • 3 Rubies
  • 4 Sapphires
  • 5 Diamonds

Hide different coloured stones cut from cardboard but don’t tell the Brownies what colours the stone names are. Let them find 14 stones and decorate the crown, which one looks best, which has the correct coloured stones?

The great chocolate Jewel heist Brownie UMA Orange – Media

The story so far:

At 8am, Mr Reed the guard noticed the crown Jewels were missing from the tower. He saw them at 7am so knows they were stolen that morning. He thinks the culprit hid the jewels in a blue bag.

  • Jasmin always likes to look at the jewels before she starts work.
  • Sophia also likes to look at the Jewels.
  • Kiara thinks Jasmin looks at the Jewels five times a day.
  • Jasmin has a big blue bag.
  • Sophia thinks Kiara has a big blue coat.
  • Sophia might have had a hat with her.
  • Sophia doesn’t leave her house for work until 9am each day.